Several NHRRs PR in Fall Marathons (and a 5k)!

phillymarathon2Thanks, perhaps in part, to the systematic incorporation of Jack Daniels’ Marathon workouts and Shark Tank Hills into NHRR’s blood by Coaches Andrew and Nathan, several individuals saw large PR’s in the marathon this Fall season:

Starting in October with the Chicago Marathon, Nathan crushed his former Marathon best by over ten minutes with a 2:51:01. With this performance Nathan clinched the title of “fastest NHRR, non-collegiate/high-school marathoner”! One week later, Joost, crushed the Amsterdam Marathon with a debut time of 2:47:25, while injuried!

With the cancelation of the New York City (NYC) Marathon, Matt registered at the very last minute for the challenging Manchester City Marathon where he not only PR’d (2:43:43) but placed 5th overall! Andrew and Eugene, who were also signed up for NYC Marathon, joined Tom, Roberto, Brian, Adam and Dan two weeks later at the Philadelphia Marathon. Under perfect conditions, Tom (2:33:53), Andrew (2:45:13), Brian (2:49:30) and Roberto (2:59:47) all saw significant PR’s!!

Finally, after a couple years marked by injuries and surgery, Christina returned to the 5k with a stellar 17:15 for 2nd place in the Boston River Run!

Complete Results can be found below. Congratulations to everyone who raced but remember to rest up for Christopher Martins!

2012 Chicago Marathon

2012 Amsterdam Marathon

2012 Mancester City Marathon

2012 Philadelphia Marathon

2012 Boston River Run 5K